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Ionic Calcium

Alkaline Calcium drinking water and its effect

What is Calcium?

Calcium and Virus

Calcium and Osmotic Pressure Process

Ionic Calcium

Human Being consists of 70% water. In order to demonstrate the activity it is crucial that it has to be water dissolvable and be able to converse in ionization state. Ion means wandering around. In chemistry, it means a working electrolyte capability. When electrolyte material is dissolved in water, it separates into cation and anion. Not all of ion materials can be conversed to cation and anion. An organic matter such as sugar is water dissolvable but, can’t be separated into cation and anion and won’t be able to activate as ion. The calcified calcium phosphate which has very low solubility like elements of bone does not dissolve in water thus difficult to expect ionization formation.

Calcium in food or calcium substances used as a medicine have to go through digestive process by stomach acid which is the range of pH 1.5 to 2.5 in stomach in order to be ionic. The acidity digestive substance which passed through stomach is neutralized by sodium bicarbonate in alkalinity secreted from pancreas and thus raises the pH level. When the calcium and Magnesium are in 8.5 to 9.5 in acidity level they can be absorbed in small intestine so they require the highest pH lever than other mineral elements. When the average pH level of drinking water in villages where it’s famous for longevity is pH 8.5-10 Alkaline the relationship between alkaline water and longevity is not a coincident.


Alkapuro alkaline water has pH level 8-11 so it’s like bring the spring water from villages of longevity to your home. But, consuming large quantity of unionized calcium is repressed by high acidity of stomach acid thus either lose the ions or become indissoluble in water therefore calcium stuck to diet fibers and excreted together. Like salt is only dissolved in limited amount, calcium also ionized in limited amount thus there is no danger of taking large quantity.


Alkaline Calcium drinking water and its effect

In England, the research has been done for comparing two regions where one drinks hard water with high content levels in calcium and magnesium the other one drinks soft water with a small amount of alkali mineral.Generally, hard water drinking people are healthier and especially the rate of artery hardening by cardiac muscle getting blocked is a lot lower than soft water drinking people.A professor Kobayahi from Okayama University in Japan opened a new field called geographical pathology when he discovered that people in Guam island where people drink river water which contains small amount of calcium have higher tendency of suffering from Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease and people who drink water which contains large amount of calcium has less brain blood vessel disorders.

Dr. Jeon, Moo Sik from KAIST who was a leading authority in hexagonal water in the world did the cell tissue cultivation experiment with the Oriental Science Research Institute in Japan. After cultivating one type of tumor (cancer) cell, a cell treated with anion (Co2-, Cl-, So2-) the tumor cell has increased from 120,000 to 3,200,000, but a cell treated with cation (Ca++, Na+, Mg++) has decreased surprisingly by 1/6 in number which is 20,000. According to this paper, Aging and diseases are due to discharge of structure formation substance such as calcium ion out of body so instead of standardized ring shaped hexagon the number of 5 angled irregular water is increased.

Calcium ion is the typical structure formation substance of hexagonal water. As a treatment for cancer, diabetes, AIDS and geriatric disease low fat and high calcium diet is recommended.

Professor Shirabadake in the department of genetic engineering of Kyushu Graduate School in Japan pointed out active oxygen as the cause for aging. When O2 loses electron or in a state of having too much O2, the oxygen we breathe changes to active oxygen and acidify the cell thus causing the aging process just like the rust in metal pipes. It was believed that Vitamin C is very effective to eliminate the active oxygen, however he discovered that vitamin C is oxidized when meets the active oxygen and transform to noxious substance. Alkaline water prevents the aging process because alkaline water can change into water thus eliminate the active oxygen completely.

Dr, Elekes, a radiologist in England, who first discovered the Calcium Paradox Syndrome said “Aging blood vessels means same as calcium accumulating in blood vessels.” When an aneurysm starts to appear on calves of middle aged it’s a first signal of osteoporosis from lack of calcium which also means getting old. Each field of modern science is revealing the secret of calcium ion (Ca++) and suggests that by the providence of water we can cure the incurable disease we human face.

Bio-cal is manufactured with medicine listed in Oriental Mineral Medicine and contains calcium and a very small amount of sodium and magnesium.


Many young people who favor carbonated beverages are suffering from osteoporosis (regardless ages 1/4 of US populations have osteoporosis). Phosphorus in carbonated drinks prevents calcium absorption in body. People who consume too much meat in their diet have higher percentage of getting disease of adult people where the ratio of phosphorus and calcium is 20 to 1.

Reference: The mystery of calcium nutrition by Hyun Ki Lee, The puzzle of hexagonal water by Mu Sik Jeon, Bio Mineral by Sung Kyu Ji.


What is Calcium?

The existence of life needs an organism (living body) to metabolize all nutrients inside of an organism and only continuation of metabolism guarantees the life. Among 5 nutrients, carbohydrates, fat, protein, mineral and vitamins, except mineral none of others have self activation thus can’t start activity. Without the mineral, the starter to physiological process of the first environment condition on earth, nutrients could not be synthesized mineral thus impossible to be energized and also impossible to originate the life.

The ingredient of mineral is soil and mineral is also called as metal or inorganic (mineral) matter. Mineral is in every agricultural products. Till today 116 different types of mineral elements (Ca, P, Na, K, Mg, S, Se, Ge, etc) were discovered in human body and amount to 4% of body weight (96% is consisted of 4 elements, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon.

Among those minerals, body requires one element of an absolute quantity which is 83.1% of calcium. In order to maintain normal skeletal structure formation and work as a nerve transmission accelerating substance there should be a constant replenishment. It also maintains the alkaline body fluids and prevents the virus reproduction. Mineral is a metal so compare to other nutrients it’s hard to dissolve in water thus hard to ionize. Even though you consume large quantity of calcium, the majority of mineral is excreted.

Absorbed calcium is stored 99% in bone and 1% in blood. It participates in a various metabolism. When the ionized calcium is lacking in blood, the parathyroid hormone, PTH, is secreted. PTH sends calcium in bone to blood thus results in osteoporosis. Blood surpasses the ability to regulate the calcium therefore the high calcium blood symptom will appear. This symptom is called calcium paradox. High blood pressure, chronic renal failure, various cancer patients have high contents of calcium in blood. It is very important to prevent disease of adult people and calcium paradox by consuming calcium daily.


The daily requirement of calcium for adult is 10mg per 1Kg. Infants, pregnant women, nursing women, elders and diabetes patients require twice as much a normal person. For children it will slow down the growing process and will affect the brain and for adult it will cause hardening of artery, Alzheimer, myocardial infarction, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. Calcium is very difficult to be absorbed in body. Calcium excess state is very rare and mostly excreted and not related to intestine stone.


Calcium and Virus

Calcium is only element among 116 mineral elements in body which regulates the blood to alkaline. A virus responsible for causing the common cold breaks out when there is too much phosphorus, an anion, in blood and the temperature of acidic blood goes down to 36C. The substances which can prevent a virus, cause of various diseases, are calcium and sodium. Cold patient used to be treated by giving a calcium shot, but now you can take the calcium medicine which circulated to the whole body without affecting the blood. This stops the virus activity inside of blood and doesn’t provide the environment so the virus won’t break out in the outside cell fluids thus cure the cold symptoms. Virus starts from the RNA, a gene structure. RNA is composed with ribose and nucleic acid and phosphorus as a center. DNA, a gene, is assembled to highly organized structure and in comparison virus has a copolymerized formation, phosphorus as a center point and it creates the mutation.

In 1997, according to Dr. Zhang H and Dr. James T’s research result, unorganized protein structure, proin protein, is the cause for athymid or Alzheimer disease. It is proven that prion protein is an irregular shaped structure which produces an acidic medium when there are inadequate amount of alkaline mineral ions such as Ca++, Na+.
Alkapuro Biocal filter helps us to ingest calcium ion (Ca++) safely and normally. It is very effective as a calcium supplement.


Calcium and Osmotic Pressure Process

The reason why the egg white and egg yolk don’t mix and maintain the stability is the positive ion such as calcium and sodium and potassium exists in 1 to 1 ratio and regulates pH balance to 8.9-9.1. Body fluids are distributed throughout the human body and the cell membrane separates body fluids to extracellular liquid and intracellular liquid. Osmotic pressure is regulated by potassium in intracellular liquid and calcium and sodium in extracellular liquid.

Potassium can be stored and surplus in supply, but calcium and sodium are consumptive and osmotic pressure will be destroyed if not supplied enough. If the osmotic pressure were destroyed protein will be coagulated by potassium and this chemical change will induce the disease of adult people such as high blood pressure.

Sodium can be absorbed from salt (NaCl) however chloride ion is an anion so it’s harmful to your health if you over on the edible salt. Instead sodium ionized drink on the market as a healthy beverage.