Frequently Asked Questions

Alka-Pi water can effectively neutralize and wash away accumulated acid buildup inside our bodies. In the process, this helps blood circulation. It can also help prevent alkaline mineral loss from bones and other organs - which occurs in the body's effort to maintain ideal pH levels. FDA safety-approved Alka-Pi, Bio-cal ceramic by Alkapuro makes especially fine tasting "Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline Water " by adding naturally ionic calcium to the water along with ionic Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium in smaller amounts. These ionic alkaline minerals are 100% absorbable. Alka-Pi water is structured in such a way as to be more hydrating than regular water. In addition, taking in a consistent supply of these minerals through drinking this refreshing water, helps to prevent mineral loss.

Yes. When the small blood vessel is clogged or passageway in the blood vessels become narrow due to acid waste built up around artery walls or when there is insufficient amount of oxygen in the blood, the blood pressure increases as more blood is pumped up to make up for the insufficient flow and oxygen. When people with high blood pressure consumes a lot of acid-forming foods, sugar and tobacco, the blood pressure increases even more as these consume oxygen in the blood at a very high rate. Alka-Pi, natural ionic calcium alkaline water is not a medicine for high blood pressure. However, it can help people with high blood pressure by effectively melting away the acid waste buildup and instantly providing hydration for better blood circulation and supplying oxygen to the cells with rich oxygen present in it.

There are many acidosis symptoms caused by acid waste build-up in our bodies: osteoporosis, high cholestrerol, kidney stones, arithritis, gout, diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, even cancer, and many more.

Yes, it is safe. When a woman becomes pregnant, she lacks alkaline minerals in her body because the alkaline minerals are first used to nourish and build the new life, especially during the first trimester. During sleep at night, she loses a large amount of alkaline minerals to her fetus, and her blood turns acidic very rapidly overnight, causing morning sickness. According to world-famous water specialist Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj (who wrote Your Body's Many Cries for Water), morning sickness is also the thirst signal of both the fetus and the mother. Drinking Alka-Pi water is highly recommended for women who experience morning sickness. Alka-Pi's reduced, hexagonally-structured water with ionic calcium can give not only this ionc calcium which pregnant women need, but also instant hydration (up to six (6) times faster than regular water). The Alka-Pi filter used for making the Alkapuro's Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline Water is FDA safety-tested.

Yes, you can optimize efforts to stay strong and healthy when adding Alka-Pi water to your daily exercise and a proper diet. Alkaline water generally is not a fat-reducing supplement. However, there are many testimonials about weight loss from those who drink Alka-Pi water. Alka-Pi water can effectively melt down fat and safely excrete it out of the body. It works similarly to how dish detergent removes greasy fats and oils from dishes. Also, its special structure enables faster and more complete hydration than any other water. In turn, Alka-Pi water helps better absorption of nutrients, and provides energy. Hence, people do not have to eat as much to feel satisfied with meals and to be more completely nourished.

It should be noted that a weight problem may be a symptom of another underlying problem. The excess weight may be the result of the body's effort to prevent a more serious problem from getting worse. In this case, Alka-Pi water will first migrate to the parts of the body that are in most trouble or danger. The water, by hydrating and balancing out the entire system, boosts the immune system, giving the more serious problem a chance to heal or at least to be more under control. Then the Alka-Pi water is finally used to help with the weight problem itself by, amongst other processes, breaking down fats. Even people who don't have weight problems and are perfectly healthy may experience slight weight loss with Alka-Pi water, as the body rids itself of unnecessary fat.

Unlike other alkaline water, Alka-Pi water has no side-effects. Calcium in Alka-Pi water doesn't form stones in kidney and any excess will be excreted safely. So if you'd like, consider Alka-Pi water as alkaline juice from vegetables. Alka-Pi water is reduced ionized water and hexagonally structured so it can hydrate the human body as much as 6 times better than other water. In other words, 500ml of Alka-Pi water can give the same hydration from 3L of other regular water. We recommend at least 5 glasses of Alka-Pi water per day. However, drinking too much of any water compared to the body's daily water loss may result in flushing down of nutrients from the body.

A child with atopic dermatitis is more likely to be born from a mother who are exposed to higher concentration of heavy metals as these heavy metals from the mother end up in umbilical cord during pregnancy. Chlorine is also very harmful to people who have atopic dermatitis disorder, especially younger children. Alka-pi water is excellent for people with this symptom because firstly, Alkapuro water purifying system is equipped to safely remove impuries from water including chlorine and other chlorine compounds (3 times) and harmful heavy metals to prevent further contamination. Secondly, Alka-pi water is specially structured to help enhance the blood circulation to flush down heavy metals from the body. Generally, after drinking Alka-pi water, the improvement in the condition is seen to be more prominent in younger children who are less exposed than adults. Applying the affected area with Alkapuro’s natural ionic calcuim alkaline water is also suggested to better rinse away the toxins.
For the maximum benefit, try Alkapuro’s water softener system.