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Natural Meal Replacement Plus

Natural Meal Replacement Plus

Natural Meal Replacement Plus+ is a powerful blend of nutrient and antioxidant-natural foods that help to support good health. Each serving supplies an impressive amount antioxidant of fruits and vegetables.

Purpose: Weight loss for abdomen & visceral fat
Component: All 100% Natural whole grains, seaweeds, fruits, mushrooms, seeds, nuts & herbs
  • 45g-30 Single Packs
  • Produced from over 51 nutrients and antioxidant natural foods
  • All natural fruit and vegetables blends
  • Provides 6 g of dietary fiber
  • Probiotics for supporting a healthy digestive system
  • No sugar, No Preservative, No Artificial color or flavor added

How to Enjoy

Mix with 8 oz of warm Water and shake well.
Replace your regular meals one to three meal per day.
You may use milk or soymilk instead of water for better favor.