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Start your success selling healthy drinking water!

Water Stores are the new wave of the future. The water industry is more than a billion-dollar industry and increasing.

Water Vending KioskWater Store

Water-Vending Kiosk Business

Placing our water vending units in the following locations can generate big profits for you. Convenience Stores, Markets, Laundromats, Liquor Stores, Local Drug Stores, Car Washes, and many retail stores.

Alka-Pi 1000Kiosk System
Alka-Pi 2000Water Kiosk System
Alka-Pi 4000Water Store System, Filling Station
Window Vending SystemSelf-Serve

Alkaline Water Store Advantages

The world's only patented Ionic Calcium Technology

Through extensive research and development, we have successfully created Alka-Pi Water that produces a stable pH of 9-10. Our patented filtration and infused calcium system delivers Alka-Pi Water that taste great while it hydrates better and faster than typical filtered or bottled water.

Alkapuro, Inc. is a full-service company providing virtually everything you need to run your own successful water store. Our exclusive Alka-Pi Complete Package System with revers osmosis system includes custom-made 8 filling station with storage tanks, installation and full on-site training.

Low Initial Investment

Lower initial equipment costs

Low Maintenance

Minimum or NO Employees needed

High Gross Profit

High Profit Low Investment

Extra Income

By selling Alkapuro products

Be a Part of the Fast Growing Water Business

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